London’s Top 10 Restaurants: Where to Eat a New Experience

1. P. Franco

107 Clapton Street

London, Greater London Area

+44 20 8533 4660

The carousel of swivel chefs at this wine bar and Hackney boutique is currently responsible for some of the capital’s most delicious masterpieces. It is a playground for some of the world’s most innovative and mobile chefs. Chefs William Gleave, the Spedding Team, George Tomlin, Giuseppes Lacorazza and Belvedere have surprisingly been some of the most interesting and popular in the city over the past two years. . They followed Anna Tobias, River Café and Roche Manteen, and new chef Seb Myers now confirmed his guilt in the Parisian cave tradition with practical and special dishes, including red tarts and ink. squid.

2. Ester

55 Kynaston Road, Stoke Newington

London N16 0EB, United Kingdom

Esters are coffee and brunch which are basically not used as avocados. In other words, it is a cafe – approaching the restaurant area – with a little ambition. For example, Chef Jack Lloyd-Jones can spread spices and yeast on boiled eggs, beaten eggs, beans and buckwheat; or serve corn soup with nectarines, curry, and panna cotta. On weekends, the meat breakfast policy avoids preserving duck meat, lamb shoulders or striped meat. The typical miso and white chocolate cake made by co-owner Nia Burr are almost enough reasons to visit. Likewise, coffee is prepared with the same care and accuracy as food and drinks in vinegar and drinks in colour tones.

3. Western underwear

34 Drayton Park, Highbury East

London N5 1PB, United Kingdom

020 7700 3700

More recently, the focus has been on British waters – not at all due to the increasing relationship between London restaurants and Cornish suppliers – in British waters. Laundry Western, represented by the same operators, Primeur and Jolene, Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim and David Gingell, is one of the best seafood restaurants in London. Cuttlefish and ham croquettes are one of the specialties in 2017; Bloody Mary roses are shrimp and at least clams.

4. Trullo

London N1 2LH, United Kingdom

020 7226 2733

Trullo’s elegant dining room and simple seasonal cuisine make it one of the best Italian restaurants in London and one of the best in the city. Dark wood, poor lighting, white tablecloths, and panels on a plate characterize it as anti-Instagram. Old people with trullo spirit are the two most important restaurants of the generation: River Cafe and San Ġwann. Therefore, the dish combines Italian tradition with British (and Italian) ingredients and replaces delicious starters, fresh pasta, and dishes. Usually it takes a while on the charcoal grill. Where the sister city of Padella is cheaper, faster, and more difficult to reach, Trullo, which offers the same cinnamon canisters and other hits like Padella, is another place for adults to eat and relax. The wine list, which is mostly Italian (and most natural), applies like everything else.

5. Mangaali 2

4 Stoke Newington Road

London, Greater London

+44 20 7254 7888

Mangal 2 is known for three reasons: one: it produces delicious, useless dishes from historic ocakbaşı: grilled chicken, lamb and quail kebabs, cucumbers and classic grilled onion salad, melassisumac and grenades. Second, artists Gilbert and George eat there almost every night. And third, the CEO, a charismatic young gentleman by the name of Ferhat Dirik, leads the area of ​​expertise. The reliable, iconic, and fun Mangal 2 is the choice of many of Turkey’s choices on Kingsland Road and is still a facility in London.

6. Mangrove black mangal

156 Canonbury Rd

London, Greater London

Not long ago, there was a restaurant like B.A.M. it would not be unthinkable in London. Chef Lee Tiernan has a small breed (St. John) and London has changed. Ish’s bread madness and English bread skewers in Islington as part of the decoration by KISS et al. He can only be compared to his unique style and discoveries in the city.

7. shooters

254 Hackney Road

London, Greater London

+44 20 7739 7393

Sunday roast is one of the pillars of British gastronomy culture, but surprisingly few restaurants underline the national version of this national institute. One of the best baking shooters in the city, worth a visit in Hackney. But it’s also a pub restaurant that you can visit every day of the week – delicious because of the season and ingenuity – like coconuts, sunflower and chocolate chicken or crab eggs and toast from fennel – light and delicate English, must be the model for Gastropub 2.0 in London .

The restaurant doubles onto the site’s casino where after a hefty meal, you are able to relax and digest whilst winning money from the poker tables and slots that could supply you with the winnings to pay off your meal. Food and casino hybrid of the finest quality.

8. Heart laugh

277 Hackney Road, London, E2 8NA,

Hackney E2 8NA, United Kingdom

020 7686 9535

Insensitivity to Hackney is no different from the New Wave Wine Bars in Paris and London. But unlike P. Franco and 40 Maltby Street, this two-story restaurant, at least in its form, is more traditional. Chef Tom Anglesea’s dishes digest modern Asian and British and Mediterranean styles and ingredients: olives and pastries filled with lemons; Jersey Royals with hearts of smoked lamb and wild garlic; villisikaterniini; and the exclusive Sichuanme brûlée Sichuan cr.

9. Muscles

49 Columbia Rd

Shoreditch, London

+44 20 7729 5692

Ed Wilson’s rich Franco-Italian menu is the work of his love of food. Food here combines this passion, especially now when more emphasis is placed on fresh pasta. Grapes are mainly natural and biodynamic. Thanks to wine posters with photos, art and curiosity on the white brick walls, two relaxing dining rooms on Columbia Road are the most beautiful and charming in London. It is also the smallest and most beautiful bathroom in the city – one of the first to use Ezopia.

10. The King of Bread

40 Dorycka

London, Greater London

+44 79 6609 3467

The area around Euston Station is full of delicious, delicious restaurants. This little chef in a Malaysian basement, chef Sugen Gopal, Doric Way, is probably the best. Two fresh loaves, eaten or brought, should be served with curry. This special tax only costs £ 4.50, despite the possibility of a second round. Get ready for the evening to wait.