Want to Stay in a Luxury Hotel in London? Here are 8 Hotels That Will Blow You Away

Some people regard London to be the best city in the world, while others will say that this is complete rubbish and declare that Paris or New York is the best city in the world. However, in our opinion, one thing that cannot be debated is that London does luxurious hotels better than any other capital in the world. Below we have listed some of the best luxury hotels that this city has to offer.

The Savoy, Covent Garden

The Savoy is situated away from the hectic Strand and above the River Thames. If you look at this hotel from the river side, then you will see an Edwardian style, but if you look at it from the Strand side, you will see an Art Deco style. Within the hotel there is a premium swimming pool, sauna, atrium, steam room, gym, and a couple of treatment rooms. When you are staying here, there are chauffeurs and butlers who will ensure that your stay is as pleasurable as possible. Believe it or not, but there is also a Book Butler, who will provide you will some fantastic reading material. At night at this hotel will cost you at least 350 sterling.

The Dorchester, Hyde Park

This Art Deco building dates back to 1931 and faces out onto its own tree-filled garden. This prestigious hotel looks like a huge ocean liner and is situated on Park Lane, which happens to be one of the most well-known thoroughfares in the city. If you have money to spare and are looking for a hotel that will provide a spa treatment like none other, then this is the hotel that you are looking for. In their spa you will find top brands such as Valmont and La Prairie and a menu that has no fewer than 20 facials. During your stay here, you will be waited on hand and foot by the excellent staff members. Fancy a night at this hotel? Well, you will have to fork up close to 500 sterling in order to do so.

Brown’s Hotel, Mayfair

Brown’s Hotel is actually 11 townhouses that occupy two streets near Piccadilly. It was founded close to 200 years ago by Lord Byron’s valet and was Agatha Christies favorite hotel. To add to this, it was where Rudyard Kipling finally finished the Jungle Book and Alexander Graham Bell made the world’s first telephone call. The rooms of this hotel are extremely sophisticated and stylish, complete with cosy sleigh beds, cream carpets, high windows, modern lighting, and antique dressers. Want to treat yourself to a night at this wonderful hotel? If you do, you will need to pay at least 530 sterling per night.

The Ritz, Mayfair

As someone stranger whether they have heard of The Ritz and the chances of them telling you no, are pretty slim to say the very least. You know you have walked in to somewhere pretty amazing as soon as you go through the doors and are confronted by a long gallery that is full of fresh flowers and the smell of afternoon tea. The dining room will leave you speechless due to its painted ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows, marble columns, and huge chandeliers. The bedroom, which are full of rose pink, yellow, and salmon pink have been restored, but the owners have made sure to keep their original 16th century style. How much will a night at The Ritz set you back? Well, 500 sterling at the very least.

The Langham, Marylebone

If you are looking for a luxury hotel where you will be waited on expertly for the duration of your stay, then you will not be disappointed with The Langham in Marylebone. Not only is the service on point, but it is one of the most beautiful hotels in the city. Here you will be able to find a lot of marble, classy chandeliers, and beautiful orchids throughout. We guarantee that you will walk through this hotel with your mouth wide open in awe. To help you relax, there is a swimming pool and a spa. When it comes to dinner, you will eat in one of the most beautiful dining rooms that you have ever seen. You might think such a hotel will cost you a lot of money but, when compared to other luxury hotels in London, the lowest price of 320 sterling per night is very reasonable.

The Connaught, Mayfair

When you step inside this amazing hotel, you will come across polished dark woods, shiny marble pillars and floors, airy and contemporary rooms with thick carpets, modern art, and plush upholstery. When you are staying here, the butler will even unpack and pack your suitcase for you, you do not have to lift a finger. Their spa has everything that you could possibly need, and their therapists are some of the best around. When it comes to drinking and eating, there is a two Michelin star restaurant that will leave you wanting more. A night in this hotel will set you back 660 sterling, which makes it one of the most expensive luxury hotels that the city of London has to offer.

Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park

This Edwardian luxury hotel is situated in Knightsbridge, which is right next to London’s famous Hyde Park. When you enter this hotel the set up makes you feel extremely welcome, while all of the rooms are equipped with everything that you could need and are extremely comfortable. This is a hotel where the Queen would feel right at home. In fact, she spent a lot of time at this hotel as it was where her and her sister learnt to dance back in the 30s. Nowadays, you can have yoga lessons here. Once you have worked up an appetite from your yoga, you can eat at a two Michelin star restaurant. A night at this hotel will cost you 720 sterling, so it is the most expensive hotel in the city. We cannot be certain, but we would hazard a guess that it is the most expensive hotels in the United Kingdom.

Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge

With its sleek look, huge subterranean spa, and extremely close proximity to the boutiques and department stores of Knightsbridge, this luxury hotel is great for those rich people who are seeking the ultimate shop and then drop experience. After a long day of shopping, you can head on down to their huge spa where you can take advantage of massage rooms, steam rooms, saunas, relaxation areas, and a big swimming pool. When it is time to eat, you can head along to the hotel’s Italian restaurant, where you can taste some of the best Italian food that you have ever had the pleasure of tasting. To stay here, you will be looking at a price of at least 688 sterling per night.

Last modified: 4 March 2021