John Groom,
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John enables business executives and team leaders to achieve peak performance. He is based in Milford, on Auckland’s North Shore.

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Executive Coaching

John Groom trains business executives and leaders of organisations to achieve peak performance without sacrificing their health and relationships. John is at his best when working with people who are already competent, but who are seeking new skills and perspectives.

Having worked as a manager, executive and a clinician in Australia and NZ, John brings an understanding of organizations on all levels, and is able to use a wide variety of assessment skills and interventions.

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Leadership Excellence

Transformational leaders are able to see the bigger picture, then inspire others to change their expectations, perceptions and motivations and work towards a common vision. They are energetic, enthusiastic and passionate.

Emotional intelligence is one of the strongest predictors of effective, transformational leadership. When leaders effectively perceive, understand and manage their own and others’ feelings, they are better able to motivate, inspire, and relate to their team. Emotional intelligence skills can be taught and improvements can be measured.

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High Performance Teams

High performance team coaching will help your organisation achieve extraordinary results. Increase the commitment and engagement of your team members. Building participative or democratic leadership enables teams to work at peak effectiveness.

John is experienced with facilitation of new teams, and with troubleshooting projects which are failing to fulfil their potential.

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Mindfulness Mentoring

Research shows that effective coaching and mentoring is not dependent on specific skills or theory as much as the empathy and responsiveness of the coach. As John says:

It is important in coaching that we bring ourselves fully into the relationship. When I move away from a coaching formula and walk alongside the other person, I gain a sense of wonder. Rather than being overwhelmed by their struggles, I admire their resilience. Rather than attempting to pigeon-hole them, I become genuinely curious about what their next step will be.

We all have a wise mind that we can access by being fully present to ourselves, the other person, and the relationship. When we allow both of our wise minds to be fully engaged, moments of transcendence can take place.

— Chapter 7, Further Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring

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I consider John to be an exceptional mentor and coach.

Philip Taylor Partner, Tompkins Wake

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